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About Us

Justice Reflections
is an ecumenical collection of theological papers appearing three times a year. The publication incorporates worldwide papers linking Christian ideas with matters of justice. Each issue consists of up to eight papers in English of 2,000 - 8,000 words on theological insights into ethical, moral, pastoral or restorative aspects of justice.

Justice Reflections
is assembled in the shadow of Lincoln Cathedral in the Diocese of Lincoln where there is a long tradition from the early Middle Ages of caring for the disadvantaged. This tradition extends from the episcopate of St Hugh (1186-1200), who is renowned for championing stigmatized lepers, through the episcopate of Bishop Edward King (1885-1910), who is revered for his ministry to prisoners facing execution, to the episcopate of Bishop Robert Hardy (1987-2001), who hosted four large Lincoln Conferences on law and order. Whilst local tradition has influenced the ethos of the publication, its contemporary relevance is global.

St Hugh

Justice Reflections
offers theological insights from different cultures. It is a resource for training and a focus for creative ways of exploring spiritual ideas from around the world. Whilst its contents are directly relevant to anyone associated with prison ministry, it has attracted the interest of people with similar concerns throughout the justice system.

Justice Reflections is promoted by the
Worldwide International Prison Chaplains' Association (IPCA) in conjunction with the
International Commission for Catholic Prison Pastoral Care (ICCPPC) and
Prison Fellowship International (PFI).


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