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An annual donation (currently of £30 [30GBP]) is invited. Many make larger donations.

Because of charges made by banks to convert non Sterling (GBP) cheques (checks) we ask that you send your donation in GBP (Pounds - £ - Sterling). Each non Sterling check costs $10 (US) to change to GBP (£)

Free copies are available, as funds permit, for prison ministry workers living in countries from where payment is impossible. Inability to donate should not deter application. All who wish to apply should complete the application form.

Subscriptions, Donations and Regular Annual Renewal Payments may be made by Cheque using the Applcation form but ignoring the On-Line payments section.
Please make payments in Sterling (UK currency). Electronic Bank payments can be accepted. Contact us for details of how this can be done.

SECURE On-line payments using Credit or Debit cards for Applications, Renewals and Donations may be made through PayPal or Google Checkout.  

UK taxpayers can enhance their Application by making them through the Gift Aid scheme. This benefits the Charity, without cost to the donor, by reclaiming the tax paid on personal donations. This is presently equivalent to 25% of the donation. Tax monies reclaimed assist in the funding of the free copies sent to prison workers overseas. Please indicate on the Application Form

If you would like to make a donation, complete our application form. When complete please print out, sign and date these forms; they can be sent by post or scanned and emailed.

If you are not using the on-line payment system, these forms can be completed on your computer before printing out and returning to us.

For your own security, if you do NOT have a reliable FIREWALL running on your system, we advise that you open the necessary forms and disconnect from the internet while completing them, before printing them out.
This will prevent unauthorised access to your
personal details

(The forms will open in a new browser window)

Tel Number: +44 (0) 1522 682357

Postal Address:
Justice Reflections
c/o 4 Redcar Close
Lincoln  LN6 8TA
United Kingdom














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Justice Reflections, c/o 4 Redcar Close, Lincoln. LN6 8TA , United Kingdom.
Tel Number: +44 (0) 1522 682357

Registered UK Charity Number 1091632