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The International Prison Chaplains' Association is a network of prison chaplains committed to the spiritual and social care of people in conflict with the law. Founded in 1985 in Bossey, Switzerland, it seeks to unite, encourage and equip chaplains around the world. It is interested in human rights, criminal justice issues and indigenous development as well as in training and support through conferences and publications.

The IPCA logo depicts prison bars broken by the cross of reconciliation and intersected by the rays of God's spirit comforting the world.



Message from
The Reverend Dr. Dwight Cuff

President of IPCA


I greatly appreciate and value "Justice Reflections". I remember when Alan Duce came to the IPCA steering committee when the publication was just an idea.  At the next meeting we had the privilege of reviewing what would become the first edition. Now it is a piece of mail  that many of us look forward to receiving three times a year. As a Director, I make sure that the prison chaplains I supervise have a yearly subscription to Justice Reflections.

Justice Reflections assists IPCA in achieving an important aspect of its mission statement: equipping prison chaplains throughout our global network. Much of correctional work is about standing orders, strategic plans and corporate objectives.    Justice Reflections creates an opportunity for readers to gain new perspectives. The authors  of  the articles come from  diverse  countries and experiences.    This helps the readers expand their vision and think about experiences of justice and injustice beyond their own.

My assistant and wife, Dr. Faith Auton-Cuff, also values and celebrates Justice Reflections. It has her wholehearted endorsement.

I am grateful to Pip Duce, Terry Nowell, Keith Jobling and Vivian Bowtell for their vision and commitment to Justice Reflections.

Message from
The Reverend Birgitta Winberg

Immediate Past President of IPCA
Sundbyberg, Sweden

"But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!"

Amos 5:24

Faith and righteousness go hand in hand. To believe in a good God means incorporating a belief in the humane and just treatment of human beings who are made in the image of God.

The words Mercy , Forgiveness and Redemption are used in both Christian theology and Civil law. Both disciplines must be in dialogue with each other. Justice Reflections is one of the few places in which this dialogue can take place.

The International Prison Chaplains' Association's (IPCA) aim is to encourage, equip and unite prison chaplains throughout the world. May "Justice Reflections" long continue to support this aim.

IPCA recommends "Justice Reflections" wholeheartedly to everyone involved in pastoral care, justice and human rights.

Together in Godīs service

Message from
The Reverend Dr. Pierre Allard

Past President of IPCA

Ottawa, Canada

 Judy & Pierre Allard

Judy & Pierre Allard

'When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, specially the parchments'.
2 Timothy 4:13

Through the ages, every visionary mission has been sustained with both cloaks for the body and parchments for the mind. Working with prisoners and their families is a truly missionary enterprise requiring vision. To become acquainted with prisons is to discover the many faces of evil and of the power of the Good News of hope and victory. Such a vision must be nurtured, challenged and enlightened.

It is for the prison chaplains of the world, men and women of courage and indomitable spirit, that the IPCA Worldwide Steering Committee asked Canon Alan Duce and volunteers in Lincoln to launch Justice Reflections, a Christian reflection on matters of justice.

Everyone's interest in Justice Reflections is valued. It is meant to be passed on to reach around the world. It is IPCA’s humble contribution in ‘scrolls and parchments’ to nurturing and encouraging prison chaplains and those involved in issues of justice and pastoral care everywhere.

The International Commission for Catholic Prison Pastoral Care is a worldwide association in the Catholic Church. Its roots were established in 1950 at a congress in Rome convoked by the then Secretary of State at the Vatican, later Pope Paul VI. ICCPPC now has clerical and lay representatives in more than a hundred countries encouraging awareness of the importance of prison pastoral care. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation collaborating with international organisations with similar aims in defending human rights.



Message from the President of ICCPPC
Dr Christian Kuhn
Vienna, Austria

 Christian Kuhn

Justice Reflections
is a joint publication by three organisations: IPCA (The International Prison Chaplains' Association), PFI (Prison Fellowship International), ICCPPC (The International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care). All these organisations have their own identity, history and theological background. Nevertheless, they work - like other organisations such as Caritas International or San Egidio - in the area of prison pastoral care. They join together whenever appropriate, as in the fight against capital punishment, in the promotion of restorative justice, and - last but not least - in the publication of "Justice Reflections".

Prison Fellowship International
is the global association of national Prison Fellowship organisations. These organisations are national Christian ministries responding to the needs of prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims and those affected by crime. All national Prison Fellowship organisations work through Christian communities mobilising ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims and their families as well as advancing the principles of restorative justice.



Message from the President of PFI
Ronald Nikkel
Washington DC

 Ron Nikkel

Justice Reflections
not only serves as a unifying vehicle between our three organisations but fills a much needed vacuum of thoughtful reflection and reading in regard to prison and criminal justice ministry. I really appreciate all that is being done to make Justice Reflections such a meaningful and thought provoking journal. I have spoken to many around the world who greatly value the input they receive through Justice Reflections.













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